DJI Mavic Platinum / Pro – Get started

DJI Mavic Platinum / Pro – Get started

Are you having trouble with getting your new dji mavic drone up and running? I was – and after having struggled for some hours, I want to share my solution: Don’t even think about updating via iOS!

So my setup is quite standard:
DJI Mavic Platinum
Ipad mini 4
+ tons of fun adds from Ebay (more about this later).

Having struggled with getting the remote control, the drone and the ipad to shake hands, I started becoming frustrating. There are tons of guides, which will show you that it is easy peasy done via your iOS devide, but it is a lie ;-)!

Instead get the DJI Assistant 2, which will allow you to update or downgrade your drone and remote control manually.

I haven’t been able to find an English guide, however it is very straight forward:

The procedure should be done in the same way for your remote control (mine wouldn’t upgrade automatically, when they paired).

When you upgraded both, then it works flawless with the newest version of the iOS app

Happy flying!