Ideas for proteinrich breakfast

Ideas for proteinrich breakfast

If you are tired of eating breakfast, or simply stuck in the same old, then I have collected some inspiration to add more protein to your breakfast, then look no further. Here are my best ideas for proteinrich breakfast:

This hyped yoghurt-like milkproduct originating from Iceland, has become a bestseller in retail due to its high level of protein. Furthermore containing a low level of fat. You can simply add a bit of almonds and blueberries (or other berries) for fibers, and you will have an amazing breakfast.

Wholegrain bread with peanutbutter
A simple and underrated source for protein and healthy fat is peanutbutter. However, peanutbutter comes in many variations, so be on the lookout for natural ones with 99%+ peanutbutter (no sugars etc.). 
Simple oatmeal
Add oats and water to the microwave for 1 minute. Add your favourite flavour whey protein powder, and stir with water. I recommend chocolate or vanilla! Then easily chop half an apple and some almonds.
This product is still somewhat new in Denmark, however very delicious. If you blend it with your favourite frozen fruits, you will have a great start.

Egg muffins
Eggs are a good source for proteins as well. As an alternative to an omelet, you can make them in a muffin form. Feel free to add vegetables, cheese and bacon (!) to your creation.

Overnight oatmeal
What these bad boys requires in preparation, they make up for in flavour! By simply preparing your oatmeal in the evening, you can wake up for some very nice breakfast. If you google overnight oat, you will find a variety of combinations out of the basis of oats and milk or yoghurt.

Omelet or scrambled eggs
A classic breakfast, which is easy to make. If you start out by mixing the ingredients in a bowl, it typically works out the best. Feel free to add frozen veggies and bacon. If you mess up the omelet, then you just made scrambled eggs! No biggie 😉

Protein pancakes
If you feel like upping your breakfast game a bit, you can go for protein pancakes. This will also allow you to use many of the no carbs-sirups out there that comes in a variety of flavours. Base out of oats, eggs, whey protein and half a banana, you are good to go!

Protein shake
When it comes to your protein shakes, you can go down two roads: the simple, the magical! The first will simply consist of water, whey protein and a bit of water mixed in a shaker. This will give you a decent result, but it wont impress anyone. However, if you are a protein shake-aficionado such as myself, you can easily upgrade by utilising a blender. Mix cottage cheese, milk, whey protein and a few ice cubes into the blender for a few seconds, and you will really enjoy the outcome. This can be made in a tons of varieties, and might quickly become fun to nerd around with. Check out this list for 48 recipes from


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